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What's In A Report?

Within a storm damage report you'll get historical weather data specifically for your home! 

National Weather Service

It's not always easy to see whether your home has been impacted by severe weather. Your typical homeowner might only get on their roof once a year or less. With a storm damage report you'll get piece of mind knowing exactly what storms have hit your home and you'll know when they struck!

Within a report you'll find each weather event specific to your home and when they occurred. This is detrimental to knowing if you qualify for an insurance claim, need a home inspection or simply need some roof repairs. Most insurance companies only allow a small window of opportunity to file a claim in relations to storm damage. That is why it is so important to know how your home's storm history.

Our storm damage reports are backed by Official National Weather Service and NOAA data. That means we provide the most accurate weather information available. You'll know exactly how your home was impacted from the world's leading weather experts.

Best of all, the report is completely free! This means you can review your reports as many times as you want throughout your home ownership. Before you buy that new house, look up the storm history. Before you sell your house, check out the storm history. Roof leaking, look up the storm history. Even just for fun, you can review your home's storm history!

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